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We worship Christ through

the praise we give through song and testimony,

the preaching of Scriptures,

the prayers that are offered,

the partnership we enjoy as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Isolated Christians are unhealthy Christians.  Watermark offers a variety of

opportunities to connect with fellow disciples of  Christ.

1. WORSHIP.   Our corporate worship at 10:30am each Sunday reminds us of and                                strengthens the bond we share together as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

2.  FELLOWSHIP MEAL.  Each Sunday morning at 9:30am in The Alley we enjoy a time of                 fellowship, encouragement and good food prior to the morning  worship  service.

3.  LIFE GROUPS.  Watermark offers many different Bible study groups that  meet  at                          various times and locations throughout the week.  We can find  the right "fit" for  you. 

4.  EVENTS.  Watermark offers events throughout each year that  encourage and foster                    relationships.  You are encouraged to attend.



To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to be a servant in his kingdom.


Watermark offers a variety  of ways to enable you to serve Christ.

We will help you



and use

your gifts and talents

in his kingdom...

...for his glory.

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