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BAPTISM                 *TBD

                                 Facilitates Watermark baptismal events.


          GROUNDS     David Burford  770 652 5995                Lanier Buford  770 652 6001

                                 Oversees the general upkeep of building including but not limited to electrical,  plumbing, mechanical

                                 and cosmetic.

CHILDREN               Amanda Farley  678 544 8426

                                 Oversees children’s ministries and volunteers involved.  Children (1st–5th grade)     

FACILITIES             Melissa Pickel  770 314 7322

                                Manages the usage of the building in regard to 1) rental and non-rental events (i.e. showers, weddings,                                      parties, etc.) for both members and non-members, 2) all church decorations, 3) supervision of janitor in                                      relation to building cleaning.

FINANCE TEAM     Michelle Kelly  803 645 0047                Thacher Emory   404 392 1821                   

                                Todd Moore    770 318 5502                   Lanier Burford  770 652 6001

                                Stewards the financial resources received (i.e. receipts, budgeting, and expenditures).

FOOD SERVICES  Gail Burford  770 789 3338

                                1) Oversees food and volunteers for home-from-hospital meals for Watermarkers who are not in a Life                                        Group, 2) oversees bereavement meals for Watermarker member immediate families, 3) oversees Sunday                                  Fellowship Meal, 4) oversees food for Watermark related events, 5) oversees and maintains the church




                               Secures and trains volunteers to host Sunday attendees, especially guests.


     MINISTRY         Tina Brooks  678 283 8108

                               Leads the women of the church in Bible study, ministry, fellowship, and events.

LIFE GROUP                   

          LEADERS     Todd Moore  770 318 5502                   David Burford  770 652 5995    

                                Michelle Kelly  803 645 0047                Ronnie Watts  404 583 6525

                                Facilitates small group life through Bible study, fellowship, and ministry.

MEDIA                    Tracy Blount  678 680 9895

                               Secures equipment, recruits and manages volunteers for audio and video ministry.       

MUSIC                    Jack Pickel  770 314 5320                    

                               Maintains and manages the music ministry of the church.

NURSERY              Shannon Kettlewell  678 300 4000

                                Oversees nursery ministry and volunteers involved.  Infants & Toddlers (Birth–2)

PRESCHOOL          Carol Watts  770 775 6284

                                Oversees nursery ministry and volunteers involved.  Preschoolers (3–5)

PROCUREMENT    Kay Weller  404 499 4554

                                Secures all supplies for cleaning & bathrooms.

TEENAGERS         TBD      

                               Oversees all teenager ministries and volunteers of the church.


                                Oversees ministry for College & Career ages and Young Adult Couples.


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