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Our worship of God here each Sunday is about him - not us. 

Sometimes we get it right-sometimes we don't. 

We're just simple followers of Jesus.  Nothing fancy here.

We laugh and cry, struggle and party, mourn and dance ... together.

And we always try to keep it real.


We are wholly committed to the preaching of Scriptures,

    the proclamation of the Savior and the pursuit of sanctification.  

Maybe you're tired of struggling with the messiness of life. 

Maybe you're searching for authentic relationships. 

Maybe you're just ready for a fresh start.

Maybe.  Just maybe, Watermark Church will work for you.

It works for us.

Welcome to Watermark.  Welcome to grace. 

You can dress up or down - that's up to you.

You will be warmly welcomed.

You will not be embarrassed in any way.

You will not be pressured to give.

You will hear an exegetical and applicable message from God's Word.

Your children will enjoy a safe and loving environment.

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