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A recent trip to a Christian bookstore.

Yesterday I visited a local Christian bookstore.  Although I love to read and books are treasures to me, I don’t go to bookstores too much anymore … has to do with a little something called AMAZON.COM.

As I walked through this particularly denominational bookstore (the denomination I was brought up and trained in), three questions came to my mind…

1.  Why is there so much Jesus junk?  I don’t like “Jesus junk”.  I know it’s a personal thing but I just get tired of Jesus bookmarks, coffee cups, wall plaques, t-shirts, statues, ribbons, hats, pins, rings, etc., etc.  Jesus said, “They will know you’re my disciples by your love”.  I guess it’s just easier to wear a Jesus t-shirt than it is to love our overweight, drunken, drug-addicted, gay neighbor … or our fellow church members.  And if I see “Footprints in the Sand”  one more time…

2.  Why does a denominational bookstore that is owned by a denomination that doesn’t believe in “prosperity theology” sell so many books by … prosperity theology preachers?

3.  Why aren’t there more books about what Jesus HAS DONE for us (i.e. “It is finished”) instead of so many books about what I must now DO FOR Jesus?  Apparently, I need to pray better, live better, fast better, do better with my money, be a better spouse, be a better parent, be a better pastor, do better at living up to my God-given potential, do better at understanding the Four Blood Moons (whatever that is) etc., etc.  Jesus said he came to give us rest but by the look of Christian bookstore shelves, Jesus has anything but rest planned for us.

When I got home I asked my wife, “Is it wrong that I feel out-of-place in … a Christian bookstore?”

So, all you super-Christians need to pray for me.  I’m sure there’s a book that will tell you how to do it better.

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