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One Aspect of Biblical Pastoring Few People Like

Most church members do not want the kind of pastoring that the New Testament calls for.  I’ll leave that there.

In 1 & 2 Timothy, the Apostle Paul writes to young Pastor Timothy about his pastoral job obligations.  Here’s what Paul DID NOT say:

* have a vision, share it, and maintain it at all costs,

* preach to the perceived needs of “seekers”,

* create “environments” that mirror the world’s entertainment so you can attract world-based and carnally-motivated people,

* mollycoddle certain church members who are there only to promote themselves, let themselves be heard, play out their own agendas, take up the pastor’s time with their own diatribes, or receive the attention they think they deserve,

* he didn’t even tell Timothy to visit the sick or counsel people (sorry, but that is the reality of the text).

Paul did tell Pastor Timothy to do other things about which I will not elaborate here, except for one.  In 1 Timothy 1:3-7, 4:1-6, 6:3-5 and 2 Timothy 2:14-18, 3:1-9, Paul commands Pastor Timothy to confront, condemn, and crush false doctrine (heresy).  In fact, this is the first thing Paul instructs Pastor Timothy to do. Read it:

1 Timothy 1:3-4:  As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies.  Such things promote controversial speculation rather than advancing God’s work – which is by faith.

Paul went on to actually name the names of those in his day that taught heresy; not only in the Timothy letters but in other New Testament passages as well.

The amount of  “myths” (verse 4), “endless genealogies” (verse 4), “controversial speculations” (verse 4), and “meaningless talk” (verse 6) going on in “Christianity” today is astounding.  From cults to faith healers to prosperity teachers to “end-time” prophets; even to those “Christians” who think a red bird or butterfly is a sign from a dead loved one (if not the dead loved one himself or herself).  The list is on-going…and dangerous.

Your pastor’s first responsibility is the PREACH AND TEACH THE BIBLE TEXT.

Your responsibility is to BE IN ATTENDANCE to hear the Bible text preached and taught.

Help your pastor do his job.

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