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Paul's Pastoral Advice

The Apostle Paul wrote two letters to young Timothy who was the pastor at the church at Ephesus.  Along with the book of Titus, we call these three letters the Pastoral Epistles.

In them, Paul never tells Pastor Timothy to lead the church to have vision, set goals, meet perceived needs, grow financially, be culturally relevant, or seeker-sensitive.

These are all the things church growth consultants have been telling churches to do for the last 30 years…and how most church-plant pastors “build” churches these days.  And the American church is in a mess for it.

In strong language, Paul told Timothy to …

Preach the Gospel. 

Pastor his congregation. 

Protect his congregation from heretical teaching.

Perhaps we  pastors should return to Paul’s advice for pastors.

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Jack Pickel
Jack Pickel
Dec 13, 2019

Hi Test, received your blog post.

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